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Rogaine Foam FAQ

In September of 2006 Rogaine brand Minoxidil solutions changed to a Foam based delivery method. The Foamy Rogaine is significantly easier to apply and use than the liquid Rogaine. Here are some frequently asked questions about the difference between prior versions of Rogaine and Rogaine Foam.

What is the main difference between Extra Strength Rogaine and Rogaine Foam
The main difference is that Rogaine foam is dispensed like a hair mousse and will not drip down your neck. Rogaine foam is significantly easier to use than the liquid rogaine.

Has the price changed?
Pfizer, the manufacturer of Rogaine and Rogaine foam did not change the price of the product when the foam was introduced. Instead, they are hoping that an easier-to-use foam encourages more people to try Rogaine.

Is the new bottle smaller than the old bottle?
The foam bottle is measured by weight (60g) while the old was measured by volume (60mL). The two sizes are roughly equivalent.

Can Rogaine Foam be used by Women
The first release of Rogaine Foam is a 5% solution which is for MEN ONLY. In the future, Pfizer may introduce a Rogaine Foam in a womens' formula.

Is generic minoxidil available in a foam?
Pfizer is going to protect their patent on a foam-based Rogaine for a few years, so we don't expect to see a generic minoxidil foam in the near future.

Is Rogaine Foam for Me?
See our other FAQ's on whether minoxidil products are right for you. We will give you our honest advice. This section is meant to discuss the difference between Rogaine Foam and other 5% minoxidil solutions.

Rogaine Foam is much easier to use and apply than previous versions of Rogaine and generic minoxidil solutions. The people at Pfizer hope that you will be willing to pay a little bit more for a brand name product that is also easier to apply.