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How Much Better Is Extra Strength Rogaine?

Rogaine Extra Strength For Men has been clinically proven to be more effective at regrowing hair in men than Rogaine Regular Strength or any other regular strength solution.

Hair count data (physical counting of hairs) collected during the clinical trials demonstrated that Rogaine Extra Strength For Men grew 45% more hair when compared to a regular strength product. Your initial hair may be like peach fuzz, colorless and soft. This peach fuzz phase is actually a sign that Rogaine Extra Strength For Men is starting to work. After this first phase, you should notice newer hairs growing which are of the same color and thickness as the rest of your hair.

With Rogaine Extra Strength For Men, results may be seen in as early as two months versus four months with regular strength. Your success depends on you and your commitment to a twice a day, every day routine, getting Rogaine to the scalp and using the proper dosage. Your best results with Rogaine Extra Strength For Men should occur by 12 months.