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Answers To Questions About Extra Strength Rogaine.

What is the difference between 5% Minoxidil and Extra Strength Rogaine?

All 5% minoxidil solutions are equivalent in terms of their ingredients. The packaging and applicator are often differnt, but the liquid inside the bottles is equivalent. The Generic formula is a lower cost option that contains the same amount of minoxidil as Extra Strength Rogaine. Under US Law, new drugs are allowed a protected sales period. During this period the Drug Company is allowed to recover the research and development costs of producing and testing a new formula.

For Rogaine, that period ended in November of 2000. At that time, generic equivalents came onto the market. These products are usually less expensive, yet they contain the same ingredients. Some people like to buy generics because they are a better value. Others don't mind a portion of their monthly expenses going to fund research into hair loss. The choice is yours, here at we sell both.

Who Manufacturers the Generic 5% Minoxidil?

The Kirkland brand minoxidil that we sell is manufactured in Kalamazoo Michigan, the same city where Extra Strength Rogaine is made. Often, generic drugs are manufactured by the same company that developed the name-brand drug. They manufacture the generic because the increased production volume helps reduce the cost of the name-brand product. We suspect that this is the case for the generic 5% Minoxidil solution that we currently sell.

How Is Extra Strength Rogaine For Men Different From Regular Strength Rogaine For men?

Rogaine Extra Strength For Men is a stronger concentration. Clinical trials have shown that men experienced 45% more hair regrowth when using Rogaine Extra Strength than with a regular strength product. Additionally, users of Rogaine Extra Strength For Men often experience results sooner than do users of regular strength. Male users of Rogaine Extra Strength may experience results in two months versus the average four months for Rogaine regular strength

Is Rogaine Extra Strength For Men Safe?

Rogaine has been used by over 5 million people since its introduction in 1988 and has enjoyed an excellent safety record. And, the over-the-counter availability of Rogaine that began in 1996 has made use of the product even more widespread and popular. The most common side effect of use of Rogaine is itching of the scalp and skin irritation. In clinical trials a slight increase in the incidence of these side effects was reported with the use of Rogaine Extra Strength For Men. However, these side effects are generally not serious and will cease with discontinuation of use of the product. After these side effects have stopped you may wish to try Rogaine regular strength for men. Should these symptoms persist, discontinue use altogether and seek the advice of a physician

Since Rogaine Extra Strength Is More Than Twice As Strong, Can I Use Less Of It Or Use It Less Often?

Unfortunately, no. For best results, Rogaine Extra Strength should be used every day, twice a day. Additionally, the dose remains the same for both Rogaine Extra Strength and Regular Strength: 1 milliliter (ml) with the dropper or 6 pumps with the sprayer. And remember, it is important that Rogaine Extra Strength reaches the scalp

Why Isn't There An Extra Strength Formula For Women?

The Extra Strength formula has not been clinically demonstrated to work more effectively for women than Regular Strength Rogaine for Women. However, Pharmacia & Upjohn is working to develop a stronger, more effective product for women.