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Generic Minoxidil Foam For Men - One Bottle


5% Minoxidil Foam - Loose Bottle Special


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The no-frills approach to buying generic minoxidil solution, only at Minoxidil

Generic Minoxidil Foam can still be a little bit expensive. Our best-selling foam sells in a 6 pack and it costs quite a bit. If you need just a little bit of minoxidil foam or just want to try it out, here is a solution. This special deal is the absolute least expensive way to purchase Minoxidil. We have some loose bottles of 5% minoxidil foam and Extra Strength Rogaine foam that we sell.

These bottles are the result of some folks returning Rogaine and Minoxidil after they read the box label or try a couple of months worth and then want to return them for a refund. We take the unopened bottles and these returned bottles that are still individually safety-sealed from the manufacturer, we sell. We inspect them thoroughly and offer them for sale.

They are shipped alone, with no product box and no instructions. You can read the back label of the box by returning to this page.

There is a limited availability of these bottles based upon our return rate. If they are marked "sold out" you can check back in a week or so and see if we have received any back to sell.

We only have men's products. Mainly because I give all returned bottles of Women's Rogaine to my Mom and my mother-in-law.

One, 2 oz. bottle